The choice of the silicone rubber with the agent and the vulcanizing agent
Compared with the common general rubber, all three categories of silicone rubber compounding ingredients are relatively simple, the heat curing type is. Addition to the raw rubber, the complexing agent is mainly some special additives including reinforcing agents, vulcanizing agents, usually only 5 to 6 component can be composed of practical formulation. The silicone rubber formulation design should consider the following points.

(1) The silicone rubber as the saturation of the raw rubber, usually, while the use can not be used sulfur vulcanizing heat vulcanization. Heat-vulcanizable organic peroxide as a vulcanizing agent, and therefore the rubber compound shall not contain the active substance (such as channel black, certain organic accelerator and antioxidant, etc.) with a peroxide decomposition product occurs, otherwise affect curing.

(2) of silicone rubber products are generally used at high temperatures, the complexing agent should be stable at high temperatures, for this inorganic oxide is usually chosen as a reinforcing agent.

(3) The silicone rubber in the role of a trace amount of acid or base, such as polar chemical reagents caused by the cracking and rearrangement of the siloxane bond, resulting in reduced heat resistance of the silicone rubber. Their acidity, so must be taken into account in the selection of the complexing agent should also take into account the acidic peroxide decomposition products, so as not to affect the performance of vulcanized rubber.

Selection of raw rubber

Design formula should be based on performance and conditions of use of the product, the choice of raw rubber with different characteristics. Products, the use of high temperature requirements (-90 to 300 ° C), low-phenyl silicone rubber can be used on silicone rubber products in general requires the use of a temperature range of -70 ~ 250 ℃ can be vinyl silicone rubber; ; when products require high temperature resistance and the need for fuel or solvent resistance, fluorosilicone rubber should be used.
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