Silicone rubber products trimming classification
Vulcanized rubber molding products, due to the material condition (the structure is vulcanized, the fluidity of the plastic materials) and process conditions influence the plastic material will be lost along the mold parting surface, the formation of different thicknesses of the overflow glue edge, the overflowthe edge of the gum called flash or flash. To make the finished product conforms to a given size and guarantee the quality of the finished appearance and use, most of the rubber model products after vulcanization processing, the finished even the so-called "no plastic edge mold rubber parts, pressed or with a small amount of rubber cushion, in most cases, these plastic edge remains to be removed. Removal of rubber products, plastic edge technology that is called trimming.

Rubber model products mainly include finishing work to remove the plastic side of the product and the product surface processing (such as grinder and lathe products polished and optically active treatment). Has more surface and the inner and outer dimensions of rubber parts, and its structure is more complex, more difficult trimming more to the side of the trumpet, the consideration of the. Therefore, the greatest degree of realization of trimming processing mechanization and automation, to improve the quality of trimming and trimming efficiency, very necessary.

A repair method of classification of the opposite side

1, hand-trimming method

Manual trimming is the oldest method of removal of rubber products, plastic edge, its basic operation in two ways: the dissimilar is by means of hand-punch excision plastic edge; another use scissors, scraper or rasp tool to remove the plastic edge .

2, the mechanical trimming method

Mechanical trimming is more widely used method may include some trimming method (semi-automated or fully automated) and "no" trimming method two.

"Some trimming method, using a variety of special machine rubber molding products trimming. Because the Act, trimming tool or appliance is certain parts of rubber parts trimming "purpose" blind repair and "no" law, it said "some" trimming. The usual way of punching, blanching pressure to cut, cutting and grinding, used for bulk is not too large, the structure is simple or one-piece weight and volume are larger products, or require a higher quality appearance and trimming products (car windows with a ring rubber seal moldings), trimming.
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