Recycled silicone rubber
Silicone rubber has excellent performance, but also more expensive, waste plastic recycling, conservation of raw materials, reduce production costs, has great economic significance.

Silicone rubber regeneration process include: Featured, cuts, cracking, refining and ingredients, the first waste plastic cleaning, removal of garbage and impurities, and then proceed to the selection and classification, cut into small pieces and sent to cracking.

Cracking of the many ways, The mechanical rolling refining pyrolysis, the direct steam pyrolysis, dry thermal cracking and chemical cleavage.

Usually reclaimed rubber performance worse than the raw rubber, tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and compression set properties were lower, slightly greater hardness. Its tensile strength is generally 3.0 ~ 4.0MPa, elongation of 100% to 150%. Increase with the amount of filler and the hardness increases, the decrease in the elongation. When single with recycled rubber, in addition to joining the the reinforcing fillers white carbon black, in order to reduce costs, but also added if the reinforcing filler, and should be added to the appropriate amount of vulcanizing agent, in order to maintain a certain hardness vulcanizates. When mixed with 30 to 50% recycled plastic raw rubber, little change of the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber, the ability of 250 ~ 300 ℃ high temperature aging. The general the highest reclaimed rubber doped amount of up to 70% to 80%. Reclaimed rubber can be used in the manufacture of plastic sheet alone, and should not be used alone as the pressure of the products. Raw rubber and recycled plastic through a filter and can be used to manufacture rolled products.
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