Plus vulcanized silicone rubber features
Called addition cure type silicone rubber means that the functionality of the vinyl end group-containing polydimethyl siloxane under the catalytic effect of the platinum compound, and the hydrogen-containing silane of the polyfunctional addition reaction, which occurredchain growth and chain crosslinking a silicone rubber. Due to processing and other reasons, the raw rubber is generally liquid, degree of polymerization of 1000 or more, it is usually known as a liquid silicone rubber. Here both chain growth, there are chain branched, the appropriate choice of the hydrogen-containing silane functionality is important. This reflects also known as hydrosilation reflect.

The liquid silicone rubber of addition products to maintain the silicone rubber inherent in many of the typical characteristics, such as some of the electrical insulating properties, the wide temperature range and the harsh environment of long-term weatherability aging resistance, etc., there are the following features and advantages.

1 is simple, clean and stable

(1) liquid silicone rubber solvent and moisture-free, so the environmental pollution.

(2) rubber supply of two components, through a filter, waiting processing.

(3) two-component mixture can be stored at normal room temperature for more than 24 hours, followed by cooling or even up to more than 2 days, no further cleaning.

2, the process is simplified, fast

(1) two-component rubber convenient 1:1 mix, batching process.

(2) The terms for molded products, from ingredients to finished products, in principle, it can be said is a step which greatly simplifies the process.

(3) Vulcanization fast. For example, for a porous mold manufacturing molded products (each hole is approximately 7g plastic material), and its cure cycle is 20 to 30 seconds, to about ordinary rubber (vulcanization cycle of 4 to 10 minutes), 1/12 to 1/20.

(4) unless the products have ultra-low compression set is, generally do not need curing.

(5) lower shrinkage, half in thousandths of a few.

(6) products coloring process is simple.

(7) Under normal circumstances, the finished product without trimming.

3, to reduce costs

Processing of liquid silicone rubber is generally only 1.

4, the fixed investment to reduce

Both for molded products or press out products, light engineering instead of heavy machinery, factory workshop area can also be greatly reduced.
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