The main features and uses of silicone products
The silicone rubber products is based on a methyl vinyl silicone rubber of the gum base, by adding various fillers (reinforcing agent, heat resistant agent, modifiers, etc.) by mixing, thin through filtration, sulfur, molded, extruded, stickythen made ​​from other production processes. The vulcanized rubber products having the following characteristics:

(1) resistant to high temperature: at 200 ℃ long-term use still elastic at -60 ℃;

(2) electrical insulation properties: excellent dielectric properties of the silicone rubber, especially a high temperature dielectric properties greatly exceed organic rubbers in general, the dielectric strength is almost free from the influence of temperature in the range of 20-200 ℃.

(3) excellent resistance Hau, ozone resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation performance, long-term outdoor use cracking does not occur. Generally believed that the silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20 years

(4) excellent high temperature compression set.

(5) a good processing performance, easy molding, etc., by extruding a hot air vulcanization molding, the mold and molding, plus cast molding method to produce a variety of products.

Silicone rubber products with excellent performance and good technical and economic effect has been obtained in the various fields of aviation, aerospace, nuclear, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, health care, daily life, a wide range of application.
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