General inspection standard silicone products
First, the general standard
Operating Temperature -15 ℃ - +80 ℃

Storage temperature: -30 ℃ - +85 ℃

Storage time: A. no squeezing flat can be stored for a long

B, product stored for 1 month in the case extrusion


4, the work of a relatively modest 45% -95%

5, working pressure :86-106Kpa

6, contact: 5MA 12VDC/0.5 seconds / 2 * 107 times

Contact bounce: <12 ms

8 Insulation resistance:> 1012 ohm / 500VDC

9, breakdown voltage> 25KV/mm

Second, the appearance
1 color

(1) Standard: cure after assembly of silica gel is not exposed, no large differences

(2) detection method: under bright natural light or 40W fluorescent standard sample or the color card with the sample to be correction are put together, via the visual acuity of 1.0 or more, no color blindness professionals in the naked eye and the sample spacing of 30cm Visually inspect for 5 seconds.

2, the eccentric

(1) Standard: H-H thin elastic thick wall thickness less than or equal to 0.1mm, a mold is detected X = 20%;

Less than or equal to the the elastic wall thickness is less than or equal to 0.2mm, the mold is detected X = 15%

H thick + H thin elastic wall thickness less than or equal to 0.3mm, the detection of the mold X = 8%


(2) detection method: thickness meter test.

3 flash

(1) Standard: face down from the key

Monochrome material is less than or equal to exposed shell height of +1.0 mm high unseen appropriate mounting enclosure.


(2) detection method: vernier caliper

4 Burr
(1) Standard: less than or equal to 0.5mm edge

Positioning hole: less than or equal to 0.1mm


5, the rupture
(1) Standard: at no effect on the assembly and use of performance: less than or equal to 1.0mm

(2) detection method: vernier caliper

6 color point bump point
(1) Standard: customers after assembly Silicone exposed parts of: no visible

Detection method: In the bright natural light or the 40 watt fluorescent light irradiation, the sample was placed on the distance visually about 30cm at 5 seconds by the visual acuity of 1.0 or more personnel visually


The above character offset
(1) Standard: center value ± 0.15mm

(2) detection method: measurement tools microscope
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